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About Us

In the 1820's, a group of migrating Baptists settled in what is now northeast Clay County, and one of their first tasks was the establishment of a church. Among the early pastors of this floundering congregation was Rev. Robert James, the father of Frank and Jesse James. Although never a large congregation, New Hope Baptist Church remained an active part of the community until the mid 1900's.

In 1948, Mrs. H. A. Hunt gave church building, 6 ½ acres and the Hunt House, to Clay-Platte Baptist Association to begin a camp for children. She also gave a gift of $10,000 which was used to build the caretakers home and dining hall. The Trustees of the New Hope Baptist Church deeded the church property to the Clay-Platte Association.

The first camp was held in 1950 using two tents erected for sleeping quarters. In 1951, the Association built and furnished three cabins using volunteer labor. In 1961, a 200-acre farm that joined the camp on the south became available and was purchased by the Association. Upon the death of Mrs. Hunt, her will provided that a trust fund be set up with the interest earned each year going to the association for operation and maintenance of the camp.

In 1964, the Gashland Baptist Church built a cabin in memory of Kenneth Wilson who served as a counselor in RA camp.

In 1970, a swimming pool was built and opened for use.

In 1982, an open-air chapel was constructed as a memorial to Rev. Francis Allen, the first full time resident camp manager.

In 1985, a new heated and air conditioned retreat house was completed and named in honor of Rev. Maurice Hall, retired Director of Missions of Clay-Platte Association.

In 1993, a new conference center was completed and named in honor of the camp directors, Doug and Ruby Crawford.

Each summer the facilities are full of energetic children and youth experiencing the great out doors and joining in Bible study, worship, nature hikes, mission activities, swimming and just lots of fun. In the fall and spring, church groups schedule many retreats.